The Book Report: Legendary Ladies

Ooooh I'm super excited to be doing a Book Report blog today, #1 because it's been too long, and #2, because this month's featured book is just SO GOOD!

Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to exhibit A, Ann Shen's amazing Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses To Inspire And Empower You. One glance at this book and I was in love! I'd seen Shen's other works, like Bad Girls Throughout History, but Legendary Ladies swept me off my feet just a little more, maybe because the first page I flipped to was Laka, a Hawaiian goddess, and hula dancer.

These pages are filled with goddesses from all over the world, from all cultures and walks of life, and are just so.... badass! I've always been a nut for mythology, and it was wonderful to see a book dedicated to all the ladies of mythology, and hear all the tales of the amazing things they have on their resumes.

How fun would it be to do a recital, performance, or camp based on Shen's book? Or use some of these ladies to guide lesson plans, or introduce dancers to new cultures through dance? I just get so excited at the possibilities!

Please, do me a favor and GO GET THIS BOOK. It'll make you happy and excited, and you probably won't want to share it with your kids (that's totally ok, too). Happy Reading!

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