These are dance classes for anybody who has a body, where dancers learn pirouettes AND body positivity. This is dance education that empowers bodies, minds and spirits - for students + teachers.

These aren't your mom's dance classes. Every little girl (and boy!) needs a place to feel confident, unique, and powerful. I offer fresh dance classes with lessons that last a lifetime and empower your child's mind, body and spirit. Now enrolling for classes in Speculator, NY!

Bright and big-hearted dance parties that engage and entertain.  Stress-free for you and crazyfun for your guests, you'll come away from your event wishing these parties had been around when you were a kid! Now offering parties in Upstate NY & Northern CA.

The Different Drummer Dance Online Store blends tradition with funky & fun. It’s a one stop shop for dance teachers looking to light their classes up from the inside out, with tools for body positivity, growth mindset, marketing, organization and more!

Ready for classes that teach grace on the dance floor and in life? Get started HERE! Different Drummer Dance is on a mission to bring bright, fresh and big-hearted dance education to kids and communities around the U.S.


“Katrena took the time to get down on my daughter's level and get to know her. She was SO professional and likable, we pretty much all wanted to just be around her!"

- Jen, Castro Valley