July Book Review - Of Thee I Sing

It's July! That means not only is it America's birthday month, but it's time for a new Book Review! I was so thrilled with the response of last month's book review (Chelsea Clinton herself responded to my tweet letting her know her book was up on my blog! Hi Chelsea!) that I figured I'd continue the trend, and bring you another beautiful book by another hero of mine, Barack Obama.

Though written for his daughters, Obama's book is wonderful to read with both sons and daughters, and perfect for the month of 4th of July. It's tender and sweet, but empowering and encouraging, and I LOVE the diversity of the individuals featured, brought to life by Loren Long's extraordinary illustrations. We see trail blazers like Albert Einstein, Georgia O'Keefe, Ceaser Chavez and Jackie Robinson, all diverse and different, but common in that they each have qualities that we want to see and encourage in our kids: courage, curiosity, integrity, and kindness. Look at the cutest First Family, getting their read on - love it!

Don't be surprised if you start tearing up while reading this with your Littles; it's just the book for them to know you value, and more than likely, just the words that you need to hear as well. Check it out, add it to your collection, and then holla at me and tell me what you think! Happy Reading!

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