Consulting Packages & Video Subscriptions Are Here!

Hay Haaaaaay Friends! Big news today! I've got some sweet new offerings up on my menu, and I want to give you the DL on what's what and why I'm pumped about it!

Consulting Packages


Sometimes I think we forget that in addition to being an art, dance (and teaching dance) is also a business. And like all businesses, it's work. A lot of work. Especially with creative businesses like dance, our work can feel isolating. So many dance teachers and studio owners go it alone, and are left to their own devices to figure everything out, or simply get burned out and overwhelmed with everything on their to-do list. That's where my new consulting packages come in! You'll get the one-on-one support you need to identify what's working in your biz and what's not, as well as tools, tips, and training on how to keep your work manageable, and all of your hair from going grey. I wish these consulting packages had been around when I was first stepping out on my own as an independent teacher, and I'm super stoked to be reaching out to my dance community to offer my experience and expertise in crafting a unique and profitable dance business!

Video Subscriptions

I've set a new goal for myself to reach more people through my videos. I've been posting my monthly Brain Dances for several months now, and love sharing them with you, so I'm upping the ante! Very soon, you'll be able subscribe to a 4 month video service and have customized dance lessons delivered to your inbox every month! A great option for moms, nannys, or school educators, these videos include all the bright, fresh, and big-hearted experiences that make my classes the best (#humblebrag). AND each subscription includes a delivery of fun props and tools, as well as music suggestions and a private FB group to meet up and connect with other dance lovers!

YAY! Can I get a what-what for taking big, bold steps, hand raising, and general bad-assery ya'll?! I can't wait to meet you, my new clients and subscribers (I know you're out there!) Let's Do This!