The Book Report: She Persisted

Summer! It's nearly here and this is like, the best season for reading. I mean, not that you need a reason or a season to read, but there's nothing like a big stack of books just waiting to be read with an iced tea and sunnies in hand, am I right? (Yes. Yes I am.) This month's Book Report is short but sweet; it's all about a book that you may have heard about, and without a doubt you've heard its title, and you know the phrase by heart. It has become a rallying cry for women around the world, lifting up voices and hands and the spirit of shared experience. It's a beautiful thing, and has become a beautiful book: She Persisted.

She Persisted is written by Chelsea Clinton, and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger (who has illustrated some of my favorite dance books), and simply, but beautifully, teaches us about women from various times, cultures, and backgrounds, who just never took no for an answer.

Besides being timely, what I appreciate about this book is its diversity. These aren't all white privileged women; they represent a variety of experiences in the meaningful and profound way that children's books are so good at. Spoiler Alert: there's even a dancer among these wonderfully illustrated and written pages!

Will you be picking up a copy to read with your kiddos this summer? Let me know what you think! And I'd love to know what else is on your bookshelves this summer! Happy Reading!