MindBody SPARK Creative Dance Curriculum (Modules 1-10)

MindBody SPARK Creative Dance Curriculum (Modules 1-10)


MindBody SPARK is Soul-centered Performing Arts Resources for Kids. This is empowering bodies, minds, and spirits. This is dance for anybody who has a body. MindBody SPARK is where dancers learn pirouettes AND body positivity. These are dance classes that teach grace for the mind, body, and soul.

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Here's what's included in your purchase of Modules 1-10:

40 Concept Driven Lesson Plans Covering:

  1. place

  2. size

  3. level

  4. direction & pathways

  5. speed

  6. energy

  7. weight & balance

  8. body parts

  9. shapes

  10. relationships

Teaching Tools:

  • affirmations for you and your students to use in each Module

  • coloring pages to accompany each lesson plan

  • student evaluation sheets

  • choreography for each Module

  • a concept driven BrainDance for each Module

  • book and poetry suggestions to highlight lesson concepts

  • suggested prop & material list to build your best class

  • Spotify playlists & recommended musical tracks to accompany every exercise

  • an instructor handbook that details all the ins and outs of the program

  • two 30 min one on one coaching calls with me for coaching, support & feedback on how to incorporate growth mindset, affirmations & body positivity into your classes

  • lifetime access to all online materials

And you'll get some sweet promotional materials!

  • high resolution photos for marketing

  • Different Drummer Dance logos

  • access to a private Facebook group of like minded educators

  • access to my library of YouTube videos (past and still expanding!)

Other things you want to know:

  • These clasees are designed for children ages 4-6Recommended class length: 45 min/week.

  • This is an introductory class that provides students with opportunities to move, explore, play, build motor, cognitive, social, & emotional skills.

  • After you purchase, you’ll be able to download the curriculum zip file (10 Modules plus a Handbook) for 24 hours. Then I’ll be in touch to set up our coaching schedule!

  • The MindBody SPARK program can fit into any school’s existing calendar. Incorporate the Modules into your current classes on a schedule that works for you, or create new classes with the MindBody SPARK material for a 10 month period.

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Once you hit ‘purchase’:

#1 Do a happy dance! (yayyyyyy!)

#2 Download the zip file - this will have all the MindBody SPARK Modules (1-10), as well as your Instructor Handbook.

#3 Peruse through your awesome new material and wait for an email from me to set up your coaching and to give you the rest of your materials.

Thank You!!