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You didn't dedicate your life to dance for the drama. You didn't dedicate your life to dance education so you could be blasted with angry Facebook and Yelp reviews, berated via text message, or have parents tell you how to run your business.

You became a dancer, a dance educator, a studio owner to share your love of dance. You did it to build a business that could serve others, and you.

But somewhere along the way, things got off track. The once well lit path you walked with enthusiasm and intention got dim and the path was no longer clear.

Instead you find yourself on what feels like an island: alone, isolated, deserted.

I know because I've been there. When running my studio of 250+ dancers I often felt like I was on an island.

Sometimes things were great: the view was beautiful and I could admire how much I'd done and built. Other times, after parents yelled at me and students left the building crying, it was isolation like I'd never known before.

When your path has led you to an island, the island becomes all you know. All you can see is your sand, your trees, your ocean; it's practically impossible to see other possibilities and you start to think drama island is where you'll be for life.

But I'm here to tell you there's a way off dance drama island. There's a path back to the business you first dreamed up.

The Peace Pathfinder is your rescue raft back to welcome shores, where your business AND your life feel grounded, loving, giving, harmonious.

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