Ready To Teach Dance From The Inside Out? Start HERE, with body positivity & empowerment.

Curriculums. They have the power to spark imagination, curiosity, and serious fun. For you AND your students. Or, they can be a major yawn. If you're ready for dance education that tastes like the corner brownie, for a curriculum that's the perfect cocktail of technique, creativity and fun, while empowering young dancers with positive self-talk that gives you those Hallmark card feels, you're in the right place. 

Different Drummer Dance - Creative Dance

Available in a NEW format that includes personalized coaching and one-on-one evaluations, the Creative Dance curriculum will return for purchase in September, 2018. Sign up to be the first to know about updates!

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Lesson plans cover:

  1. place
  2. size
  3. level
  4. direction & pathways
  5. speed
  6. energy
  7. weight
  8. body parts
  9. shapes
  10. relationships

You'll also receive Teaching Materials:

One on Ones.jpg
  • lesson plan templates
  • coloring pages to accompany each lesson plan
  • suggested crafts and supplemental activities to keep the fun going
  • book and poetry suggestions to highlight lesson concepts
  • suggested props to build your best class
  • Spotify playlists & recommended musical tracks to accompany lessons

And you'll get some sweet promotional materials!

  • customizable parent/student welcome letter
  • Different Drummer Dance brochure
  • high resolution photos for marketing
  • Different Drummer Dance logos
  • access to a private Facebook group of like minded educators
  • access to my library of Facebook videos (past and still expanding!)

Other things you want to know:

  • The Creative Dance curriculum are creative movement classes designed for children ages 3-5.Recommended class length: 45 min/week.
  • It is an introductory class that provides students with opportunities to move, explore, play, build motor, cognitive, social, & emotional skills.
  • If you're interested in using the techniques and theories of this curriculum to build ballet based classes for students ages 5 and up, please contact me! I'm working on this curriculum as we speak and would love to give you first access!

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