Out With The Old. In With The Bold.

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I offer several coaching packages that take you off Dance Studio Deserted Island.

We start with compassion and curiosity.

How do you want to feel? What’s most important to you? Why did you start your business, or teaching dance in the first place?

The only four letter word you should be using to describe your work is LOVE.

If you’re ready to fall back in love with your life and work, I can help you get there. Schedule a free 15 min chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Here’s all the sweet perks of a coaching session:

  • Understanding (one of my super powers is listening)

  • Focus on Feeling (you tell me how you want to feel, and I tell you how to get there)

  • Inspired Action (no guesswork, just a solid plan to get you to glory)

  • Connection (another one of my super powers is connecting like minded people to provide support and inspration)

  • Community (no one is an island - join a Tribe of educators and studio owners, no soul sucking negativity allowed)

  • Invaluable Resources (an arsenal of tools to make life easy are waiting for you)

Explore the coaching options that are right for you with a FREE 15 minute, get to know you call with me!

Lonely. Lost. Overwhelmed. Wistful.

These feelings are sure signs it’s time to unravel your dance studio woes.

I’ve been there; I know.

If your work feels more righty tighty than lefty loosey, if your love language is dance but being in the studio feels more lackluster than loving, it’s time to make a return: to yourself, your passion, and the reasons you started in the first place.

Bright. Bold. Fresh. Invigorated.

That feels better, doesn’t it? These feelings are sure signs you love your work (and your work loves you).

Let go of the old and step into being your bold, beautiful self.

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I connected with Katrena on Social Media and took advantage of her coaching services. I have to say I always looked forward to chatting with her! Katrena is a great listener and offered real and actionable solutions to the challenges I was having both in finding confidence and in building my business. Katrena has a big heart and lots of knowledge to share. I highly recommend her!
— Lindsay Baker, Owner, The Dance Center

You’d do anything for your students, but what about YOU?

dance studio owner coaching

Infinite cups of coffee, wine, massages, or long weekends away won't stop the drama at your studio or in your own head until you get your business centered. Heart centered.

If you're not clear on your values and how you want to feel, your business is out of sync with your heart, and you'll never see the profits, love, and joy you want.

Your students don’t need you perpetually busy, putting out fires, crossing continual to-dos off your list - they need you present. Here. Centered.

You can’t get the best out of yourself burning the candle at both ends, being chained to the admin desk, relying on old systems to do new and bold work.

Distill your desires for your studio and life outside the studio and get crystal clear on how what you value can set you apart and ultimately, ensure your success.

Clear the clutter. Freshen the foundations. Let go of studio shame.

Are We A Good Fit?

Real Talk: I once got into a shouting match with a dance mom outside my studio while all my students watched through the window with their mouths on the floor.

I’ve come a long way since then. ;)

Looking back, I have compassion and humor for myself in that situation, just like I have compassion for you where you’re at right now.

I can understand where you’ve come from, and am curious to know where you’re at. Tell me all about it so we can laugh about it, maybe cry over it, and then get a solid plan in place to move forward.

I’m all about helping you, and would love to connect. You can read more about me and my journey here, or schedule a free 15 min call below!

Katrena Cohea