Less Black Swan, More Born This Way

At a time when women's voices and bodies are striving to be heard, encouraging young dancers to be aware of their inner dialogues is a vital tool to help them reach their highest potential - as dancers, and as compassionate humans. 

Photo by jodi foucher photography

Photo by jodi foucher photography

Negative self-talk is something that runs rampant both in the dance world, and every day life, When dancers spend so much of their time staring at their reflections in the mirror, it's easy for them to believe their reflections are both too much, and not enough.

That's why I created Body Positivity & Empowerment In The Dance Classroom. It's a resource for teachers and dancers to build the best relationship with their bodies as possible, focusing on all the amazing things our bodies do, and all the fantastic ways our bodies support us, and our dancing.

Here's what the course covers and includes:

  • Nine phrases and team building activities you can use in your dance classes to empower dancers to build effective and healthy attitudes about their bodies, talents, and abilities.

  • How to weave affirmations into your teaching & additional phrases that will reinforce positive thinking in your students

  • Conversation starters to keep students (and parents) mindful of any limiting self-talk or beliefs

  • Group activities that are perfect for team building and creating a positive community

  • Tools to get parents on board

  • Workbooks for you and your students

  • Additional resources to continue your learning on the path to body empowerment

Learning how to empower students (and ourselves) with positive words and beliefs is one way we can make sure to light our students up and affect real change in our classrooms.

Want to learn more about my mission to bring body positivity into the dance classroom?

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