Feel Like You're On Dance Drama Island? Read This.

I have a confession:.

When I first started running my business I often felt like I was on an island; at times things were great: the view was beautiful and it was just me doing me. Other times it was isolation like I'd never known before.

And isolation can create drama, with others, and within ourselves. When you're on an island, it's all you know. All you can see is your sand, your trees, your ocean; it's practically impossible to see other possibilities.

That's where the Peace Pathfinder comes in. It’s a program I created to help dance educators and studio owners reconnect; to themselves and their lives both inside and outside the dance studio. It’s self discovery meets dance studio management. Part personal development, part studio/teaching leadership, with a dash of humor and lots of positive vibes, and TONS of practical resources and tools to help you ditch drama and feel less alone.

There's three key steps to building a big hearted business that serves others AND you.

Wanna know what they are and get a preview of all the goodness that’s in the full Peace Pathfinder program?

The first step is to get yourself into my FREE mini class; you’ll learn the three key steps to ditching dance drama, and get a gorgeous, 15 page workbook that outlines how to get you from dance drama island to the welcome shores of fulfilled, supported, and peaceful life - both in your personal life and in your dance life.

How to be a dance teacher

I can’t wait to see you in the free mini course - it has so much valuable information in it, and I just know that you’re going to love it! Click below to get started!

If you want more info on the full Peace Pathfinder program, get in touch with me. The enrollment date has closed for 2019, but it’ll be making an appearance again in 2020 and I can tell you all about it! :)