Churros in Dance Class? Yes Please!

If you know me at all, you know I love a good children’s book. I love to incorporate them into my creative movement and pre-ballet lessons, and I love them just for the sake of the awesome messages they remind us adults of. And a book that brings churros to dance class? Um, yes please!

I found Maria the Matador by Anne Lambelet via Instagram, and told my Mom (who’s a Spanish teacher) about it; before I knew it, I had a copy delivered to my door (thanks Mom!), and couldn’t wait to use it with my classes.

Now I’m all about heroines who step up and beat the odds, so I knew that Maria and I would get along just fine (who’s ever heard of a female matador?), but what makes Maria even cooler is her reason for wanting to be a bull fighter?…. Churros.

Yep. Churros. A girl after my own heart. The winning matador gets a lifetime supply of churros, and Maria is all about those churros. So even though there are matadors stronger, faster, and and bigger than her, she enters the competition and cleverly finds a way to win.

My students loved the bold illustrations and plot, and we explored big, strong, and fast movements to tie in with the book. And yes, of course we rolled ourselves up like churros and practiced spins and rolls. ;) We also turned on some Spanish music and worked on our best cape whirling skills, just like matadors.

If you’re looking for a fresh new read to use with your early childhood classes, this is a great one! Check it out here, and then leave me a comment and let me know how your kiddos liked it! Happy reading + dancing!