It's Coming... Will You Be Ready?

Cue the Jaws music: da dum… da dum…

Are you ready?

Even if you’re not, it’s coming… there’s no stopping it.

Back to dance class and studio life is just around the corner!

“Is that it?” You might be thinking… but let me clarify my question:

Are you ready for the tense conversations about class placement and casting?

Are you ready for fights over dress code, students being late, and parents who invade your space, both in the studio and at home?

Will you be ready when a staff member shows up late, or doesn’t show up at all, or makes an inappropriate comment to a student?

I don’t bring these things up to scare you, I bring them up because I want you to be successful when these situations do come up (and they will, you know they will). I want you to have systems and policies and boundaries in place that help you ditch the dance drama and let you live your best, most peaceful life!

I bring these things up because I’ve got two solutions that will take the anxiety out of back to dance drama and allow you to feel easy, breezy, and in control:

The What Kind of Dance Teacher Are You Quiz is a fun, eight question quiz designed to distill your teaching and business superpowers. It will tell you what your unique strengths and skills are so you can capitalize on them, and suggests areas for growth so you and your dance life can be all you’ve dreamed it could be.

Take the quiz now and discover what you need to make this year your best yet!

So there’s two steps, laid out for you, that will help you be ready for what’s coming.

Which will you act on today to make sure your new dance season is smooth sailing? Tell me below!