Winter Wonderland BrainDance!

Happy December! ‘Tis the season for all things winter: snowflakes, snowmen, hotchocolate… the list of wonders goes on and on! This is also an especially fun time of year to explore winter themes with your dance classes and young movers, which is where this month’s BrainDance comes in! Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s blog as well, where I’ll be reviewing my favorite holiday pick in kid’s lit! Happy Dancing!

Two Must Have Fall Songs For Creative Movement

If you’re a dance teacher who works with Littles, you know the power of a good song. Incorporating action songs and transition songs into your classes is a great way to keep kids engaged and focused, and is an excellent way to deliver instructions in a fun way.

Today I’m sharing two must have songs to work into your fall creative movement classes. This first one is one of my most watched videos over on my YouTube channel. I originally developed it as part of a BrainDance, but you can use it just about anywhere in your classes.

Additionally, you can nab these fun handouts in the Shop to send home with parents so the fun can continue at home, or share them with your employees!

This second song is a good one for exploring levels and actions. You can replace any of the words with various directions or actions, such as hop, jump, march. etc.

There you have it! If you enjoyed these videos I’d love for you to #1 subscribe to my YouTube channel, and #2, make sure you check out my online shop, where you can find more resources for your young dance classes! Happy Dancing!

Back To (Dance) School Goodies!

Ah September. I can practically smell the glue sticks, Crayola crayons, and Lunchables. It's a bittersweet time for many of us, because who doesn't love the fresh start that fall brings, but also, back to school routines and the ho-hum of everyday life can be a bit blah.

Affirmation coloring bracelets to use with your students are just some of the goodies in the DDD Online Store!

Affirmation coloring bracelets to use with your students are just some of the goodies in the DDD Online Store!

So to curb the blues you might be feeling about facing fall, today I'm sharing some of my favorite goodies on the newly published DDD Online Store!

There's everything from free worksheet downloads for your dance business to affirmation cards you can use with your students, not to mention a FREE download of the first Module in my Creative Dance Curriculum, which is chock full of exercises, music suggestions, choreography, a BrainDance, and so much more!

All 10 of the Creative Dance Curriculum Modules will be available for purchase on Sept 15th, and if you're curious about what, exactly, makes this program different from any others, just check this out:

What makes the Creative Dance Curriculum (CDC) unique is its attention to the WHOLE dancer. This method teaches dance from the inside out, using body positive affirmations, growth mindset statements and attention to each dancer’s individual needs. It teaches not only solid and sound dance technique, but tools that will help students grow into happy and healthy humans - body, mind, and spirit.

I hope you'll browse around and take it all in, then let me know what your favorite items are, so I can deliver even more of those goods to you! Let me know in the comments - what are the top things you're lusting over in the Different Drummer Dance Online Store?

August Brain Dance - Stand On Up!

Hey Friends! August has arrived in a haze of humid heat (at least in upstate NY), so to beat the fatigue, this month's Brain Dance is a quick series you can do standing to get right into class. I've found I often revert to my comfortable sitting routine with the Brain Dance, so I wanted to challenge myself to do one that was all standing, that had a nice flow and energy to it. Voila! Feel free to share it with your friends and use it in your classes! Happy August, and happy dancing!

July Brain Dance - Traffic Can Be Terrific!

Happy July! You're likely in the thick of summer - whether you're a dance teacher and that means summer dance camps galore, or you're a parent and you've got kids on your hands and in your house like, all. the. time, today I've got a fun movement game that's great for when you #1 need to get dance classes going quickly, and #2 need to keep the kids inside, out of the heat, but occupied. Plus, bonus #3 this game is SUPER fun - my students always ask for it! Enjoy, and happy dancing!

June Brain Dance - Rockin' Rhythm

Happy June Friends! Every month I post a new Brain Dance (dunno what the heck a Brain Dance is? Read all about the amazing benefits of it here), and this month we're moving and grooving and exploring rhythm! Each of these exercises can be used to explore rhythm with your students. From fast to slow, and everything in between, this is a great introduction to rhythm, and has lots of options to change it up and challenge older students.

Would love for you to share with a teacher you think would dig it, and then let me know how you liked it! Hope you enjoy, and happy dancing!

March Brain Dance - Spring + Scarves!

Are you craving Spring as much as I am? Here in upstate NY it's still mostly cold, but there are days when the snow is melting and the sun is shining bright, and it's pumping me up for longer days and all that vitamin E!

With that in mind, I bring you March's Brain Dance! I decided to bring in a prop this month, since I haven't used one in a Brain Dance for awhile, and these new scarves I got are so light and airy and colorful, they seemed to match the upcoming spring spirit. So grab your scarf and let's go!

Disclosure: some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through my links and make a purchase.

February Brain Dance - Show Your Body Some Love!

I have a new guiding phrase in my work: dance education from the inside out (I love it, btw), and this phrase has prompted a lot of new and exciting things for me. On the whole, it's highlighted an area that I think the dance community (and whole world, really) needs an update on, and that's body positivity and empowerment. If you think that all bodies deserve to enjoy dance and movement, free of judgment and unreasonable cultural standards, I'd love for you to join my Facebook Live class on bringing body positivity and empowerment into the dance class; I'll be talking about why this is an important subject, and giving you 3 affirmations/positive statements you can use with your dancers, as well as team building activities to use with them to foster growth mindsets and group support.

My obsession with this topic was also a guide for this month's Brain Dance, which is also about body positivity. During a month that can be all about showing others love (Valentine's Day), I thought it would be refreshing to take a moment and show our own bodies some love for all the amazing things they do for us. In the hustle and bustle (dancers and athletes are especially guilty of this) of life, it's easy to forget that our body wants to be on our team; it wants to do what we want it to do - if only we'd listen to it and give it a little TLC.

With that in mind, enjoy this month's body positive Brain Dance! 

Please feel free to share it, or drop me a comment and let me know what you thought! And if you want to join me this Friday at 10 am EST for my Facebook Live, you can do that here. Happy Dancing!