What Kind of Dance Teacher Are You?

Do you ever wish you could see yourself as a teacher from the vantage point of being a fly on the wall? Have you ever wondered if your students or fellow staff think of you as a ‘mean’, ‘fun’, or ‘strict’ teacher?

How to be a dance teacher

Do you wish you could see yourself in the dance classroom, at the studio, and get some perspective on what you’re crushing, and what you might need some support with?

While no two individuals are the same, and no two dance teachers will teach the same, or approach dance education exactly the same way, there is a tool that can help show us our teaching superpowers and give us suggestions for how to harness those powers into building our best dance studio, and life!

That tool is this quiz: What Kind of Dance Teacher Are You?

If you’re at all curious about learning about what makes you unique as a dance teacher, this 8 question quiz will quench that curiosity, and give you actionable tools and suggestions for how to level up your studio, based on your strengths!

Click above to get started! I guarantee this quick and fun quiz will give you more insight than you bargained for, and make you feel like you’re getting a pat on the back for all the amazing work you do as a dance teacher!