How Your Favorite Song Can Predict What Kind of Dance Teacher You Are

I pride myself on making pretty sweet playlists. I’ve got pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to music, but I like to think my playlists are pretty groovy.

A couple of weeks ago I shared this post about what kind of dance teacher are you; and this week I’m following up by telling you that your favorite song could actually tell me a lot about what you value inside the dance classroom.

Nope, I’m not pulling out my fortune telling ball, or reading any mystic cards; rather, I’m giving you a quiz. Yep! An easy, 60 second quiz. One of the questions on that quiz asks you what your favorite song is, and that (along with 7 other questions), gives you some brilliant insight about what kind of dance teacher you are.

Now knowing what kind of dance teacher you are is fun, but it’s really fun when you know what to do with those unique strengths and skills you posses. Knowledge is power, amiright? My quiz not only tells you what your personal skills are, but offers you practical suggestions for how to put them to work so that you can achieve dance teacher and dance studio greatness.

How to be a good dance teacher

So hop to it my friend! Nothing to lose, everything to gain! (And by gain I mean a happier, calmer, more tuned in life, for your dance life and your personal life.) Click below to get started!