How To Host Your Own Dance History Wax Museum!

It’s one of those ironic, weird, life-y things that I spent 4 years taking French in high school, and this past school year wound up teaching Spanish (it’s a long story for a whole different blog post), but one of the things I loved most about my time in a public school setting this past year was seeing other teachers in action and being awed at their creativity and methods for bringing learning alive!

The fourth grade class where I was teaching did an awesome project they called the Wax Museum; every student took on the role of a historical figure, dressed up as them and prepared a few paragraphs about their life and achievements. Then when ‘visitors’ (parents, other students and staff) walked by and put a token in their box, they came alive and told us all about the ‘wax figure’ they were representing.

I thought this was such a fun idea, and thought it would be amazing to recreate in dance classes and host a Dance History Wax Museum! What a fun way to teach dance history to students, and have them really be engaged in the learning process by not only researching various dancers, choreographers, teachers, periods of dance, etc. than by having them literally, bring them to life! You could even turn this idea into a performance of sorts, or an open house for your studio to get parents involved!

This project could be especially fun for summer dance camps, during that wind down period of our dance years like after performances, or even at the start of the dance school year! I can’t wait to try this with my own dancers soon, but in the meantime, I generated this list of ideas I wanted to share with you all!

Dance history wax museum

Now I’d love to hear from you! What do you think of this project? Will you be trying it out, or do you have a great way to teach dance history? Tell me below, and have a great week!