If These Aren't A Part of Your Dance Studio, You're Missing Out

Can you remember when you first opened your dance studio? Or when you first started teaching?

More than likely you were full of new ideas, enthusiasm and passion. I know I was! And I still am, and I know tons of dance educators who are still rocking it, full of knowledge, passion, and experience, and are offering their students amazing experiences.

But it also goes with the job territory of being a dance teacher that we get worn out. We wear a lot of hats, and doing all the things we do can lead to us not feeling as fresh in our studios or teaching practices as we’d like.

However, there is a way to hit the refresh button to reevaluate where you’re at with your studio and teaching, and decide how you want to move forward, to bring back those loving feelings you had when you first started.

How to be a dance teacher

It’s just one word… are you ready?


Values should be at the core of your teaching, your studio, and really, your life. Our values guide how we show up day to day, how we plan our lessons, interact with our students, and even affect how we choreograph, perform, and take on (or not) new projects.

If values aren’t a part of your studio life or teaching, you’re missing out! When we feel frazzled, and like there’s just too much on our plates, returning to our values can be a compass to point us back in the right direction. And perhaps you did set values for yourself and your studio when you first began, but time marches on, and life-y things got in the way.

There’s no time like the present to revisit, or start with your values!

Download this free workbook (it has tons of great insights and powerful worksheets) and see if it feels like the answer to that nagging voice that’s saying ‘is this really it?’

Then, let me know what your values are! I want to hear you claim them, loud and proud, over on Instagram! Come find me @diffdrumdance, and let me know!