Is A Dance Mastermind For You?

There’s a lot of buzz around Masterminds these days, and if you’re at all into self development books or podcasts, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term.

When I read business books or listen to business podcasts, I always like to ask myself how what people are saying can apply to me, and dance businesses, so today I’m shedding some light (along with my gal pal Alicia Jonas) on what, exactly, a Mastermind is, and how us dance educators and studio owners can use it for business and life success!

So, What Exactly is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of focused, high-achievers who are dedicated to taking their businesses to the next level. They’re led by an industry expert who imparts her knowledge and facilitates discussion among the group. Not only does each member of a mastermind get the guidance from an expert, they get insight, support, and ideas from their exceptional peers. It’s a group of brilliant minds coming together to solve problems and overcome challenges in one MASTERmind!

You might be thinking, ‘cool!’ but aren’t clear on how this applies to dance or you. Well, luckily, Alicia runs a Mastermind program just for dance educators like us. Running a studio includes its own set of unique challenges that business owners in other fields just might not get, but that’s not the case with the Amplify program.

Amplify was created for studio owners by a studio owner (Alicia) who has been through every single struggle and come out on the other side. Instead of giving you principles and strategies that apply to some business types and not others, you know that everything you learn and everything we focus on is specifically geared toward growing a studio business, growing it quickly and effectively, and also ensuring that you can achieve balance in the rest of your life, too. Plus, you get the support and insight of 19 other studio business owners who are just as dedicated and motivated as you are.

And here’s something else that’s important for you to know: Amplify is totally different from any other “studio owner” event you’ve attended. This isn’t a huge, impersonal event with lots of “rah rah” motivation and someone 200 feet away on a stage. You’re not getting the exact same strategies as the 500 other attendees, you're not leaving your studio and your family for days and paying expensive airfare and hotel, and you’re not coming home with no clear idea of what to do next.

Amplify is an ultra-personal experience. You work one on one. You’re building relationships with the 19 other mastermind members and learning from them. You’re getting advice, ideas, and strategies that are just for you and your business. You’re getting the exact steps to take, and the support as you take each and every one. This isn’t an “event” or an “experience,” it’s a partnership and a tribe.

Additionally, very member of Amplify will get a private, 60-minute one-on-one call with me to really hone in on their goals for the year. After that, everyone will get quarterly, half-hour, one-on-one calls with me to check-in get, make sure you’re on track, and set up your goals and strategies for the next quarter.

On top of those calls, though, all of our bi-weekly mastermind calls will have time scheduled for “hot seats”—opportunities for members to get individual attention from both me and their fellow members. Hot seats are your chance to talk through your challenges, and then get feedback, insight, and ideas from me and from 20 other brilliant studio owners!

Every member of this Mastermind is a smart, experienced go-getter who wants more out of her business and her life. Everyone will have some insight to offer with plenty of “I’ve been there, I’ve tried that, here’s what happened” feedback, but everyone will also be open to new ideas and will come to each call eager to be coached and be inspired. Every member will be dedicated to putting in the effort and stretching outside of their comfort zones, but everyone will also want accountability and support. I’m building Amplify to become your tribe.

In short my friend, a dance Mastermind is for you if you’re an experienced dance professional who’s looking to get even more out of her work, get inside information from other pros on how to level up your dance business, and be supported and motivated by like minded, positive individuals.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well lucky for you, Alicia and I have a special offer coming up specifically for folks like you who are curious about getting in on a Mastermind! Just sign up below to sign up to receive more info as soon as it becomes available!