This Book Will Help Any Creative Movement Dance Teacher

Here’s a tip about me, friends: I’m obsessed with color. One of my brand words here at Different Drummer Dance is BRIGHT, not only because the work I do is bright, as in light filled, but because I love me some bright colors. One more tip: I aced Art History in high school and love all things art.

So that makes this month’s Book Report, Dancing Through Fields of Color, a total win for me because it beautifully combines color, movement, and a good dose of women’s empowerment. (YAS.)

This book is full of imagery, color, words and inspiration to help dance teachers bring their creative movement and young dance classes to life.

This whimsical book by Elizabeth Brown and illustrated by Amiee Sicuro is about artist Helen Frankenthaler who broke through gender barriers in the art world to produce amazing, colorful, and powerful art. Besides just being gorgeous to look at, this story is great for creative movement classes since it uses lots of emotion driven action words dancers can use to explore.

I know I’ll be using this book for my summer dance camps and can’t wait to see my student’s reactions and add some super colorful crafts to our dancing. What books will you be using this summer? Tell me below!