How To Transform Your Dancer's Confidence

‘Tis the season for spring recitals, performances, and competitions. When dancers and dance teachers spend hour upon hour in the studio, polishing choreography to get it performance ready. Often going hand in hand with all that practice is dancers getting glued to the mirror, and a dip in confidence as the excitement of a new pieces wears off and nerves set in.

If you’ve found yourself saying over and over to your students ‘Stop looking in the mirror!’, and/or ‘C’mon! Where’s your confidence?’ then I want you to listen up, because today I’m sharing a tool you can use that will transform your dancer’s confidence.

Even though dance is all about the body, preparing for performances all to often leads us to be in our heads. And while getting routines and choreography absolutely requires practice and repetition, there comes a point when both dancers and teachers need to zoom out and remember why we’re performing in the first place: for the love of dancing! When we get overly hung up on the minute details of a dance, it loses its heart, and often a dancer’s confidence will plummet as she focuses on what’s still not right instead of how great it feels to move.

My Moving Mantras can transform a dancer’s confidence by getting them out of their heads and back into their bodies. These simple movements combine empowering affirmations and feel good movement that reminds dancers they already have everything they need to be a powerful performer.

I’ve complied a series of Moving Mantras for you to check out here!

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Happy Dancing, and have a great week friends!