Three Lessons Learned From The Dance Studio BodyPosi Challenge

We all know that with January comes a load of resolutions, goals, hope, and inspiration. And personally, I love the feeling of promise that hangs in the are during the month. But we also all know that goals don’t get met with hope and inspiration; they need action behind them, and that is where we can often get tripped up.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.55.02 PM.png

That’s one of the reasons I created the Dance Studio BodyPosi Challenge, which took place earlier this month. I created the Challenge with a goal to give dancers and educators tools and actions to create more body positivity in their classes and studios.

Over 65 individuals participated in the Challenge, and I was blown away by the interest and support I heard from dance studios and teachers! Today I’m rounding up three major lessons I learned by running this Challenge, AND giving you even more actionable steps to take towards bringing body positivity into your dance lives.

  1. We Need More Self Love In Dance

Personally, I love the woo - I’ve always been a self development/improvement junkie, and that tends to lend itself to learning and talking about meditation, therapy, chakras, stones, etc. and I know that’s not everyone’s jam, so there was a part of me that thought people would find the concept of self love in dance too far out there. But, happily, I was wrong! Dance teachers told me that they wanted MORE meditations, MORE self love mantras, and were totally open to combining mantras with movement to reframe beliefs about our bodies and abilities. I hear you loud and clear and can’t wait to bring you more!

2. Ballet Especially Needs To Be Better

It's no surprise that many of you feel the most aesthetically demanding and, let’s just be honest here, unforgiving of dance techniques (ballet) needs a big dose of body positivity. Teachers told me they’re all for bringing body positivity into their own classrooms, and expressed a desire for it to be acknowledged that ballet specifically, still has issues with disordered eating and skewed body image. This is tricky, and has no easy answer, but by collectively realizing we can do better we’re already on our way!

3. We Should Do It Again!

I loved hearing that many of you want to try this again, or get in on the action if you didn’t before, so we absolutely will be doing another BodyPosi Challenge! Now’s your chance to join the movement towards holistic dance education! Sign up below, or pass this info on to a friend and I’ll be in touch!

Thank you so much to those of you who participated and got in touch with your feedback! I appreciate it, and YOU, so very much! If you did participate and haven’t yet taken the 2 min survey about your experience, please do so now - it’s a big help! Thank you!