August Book Report - The Sasquatch And The Lumberjack

When you live in upstate NY, there's no shortage of trees, lakes, and creatures... of all kinds. My New York home, Speculator, has a particular penchant for the legend of Sasquatch, so when I found this month's book, Sasquatch And The Lumberjack at a local store (full disclosure, it's my husband's business, Campstore!) I knew it had to make a sighting on the blog.

Sasquatch And The Lumberjack, by Chrix Sheridan, is a simple tale of two hipster icons: the Sasquatch, and a lumberjack. The book's illustrations are fun and whimsical and while the text is just one word per page, the story provides the opportunity for readers (or dancers) to explore, or even make up their own additional stories. With words to peak the reader's curiosity (winter, pick, and slide), we see Sasquatch and his buddy lumberjack finding adventures galore. I love books like these that leave plenty of space for readers to explore movement and concepts - I can't wait to try it out with my creative movement classes!

Do you have a book you think deserves a spot on the next Book Report? Let me know, I love to hear your recommendations! Happy Reading!

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