Branding For Dance - Naming Your Classes


As if summer wasn't busy enough for teachers, and studio owners, we have the impending fall schedule quickly approaching, making many of us want to crawl up into a ball and just hibernate through fall and winter.

Hopefully you've scheduled out your fall classes by now, but you may be working on tweaking names, ages, and writing copy for descriptions. This can be many a teacher's worst nightmare, but fear not, because today I'm sharing a little branding 101 to help you solve the puzzle of what, exactly, to name your awesome offerings.

Before you get started on the naming process, you need to do a little behind the scenes work to figure out (or remind yourself), what your studio is all about. Do you have a mission statement? (you should!) Revisit it to guide how you're naming and structuring your classes. Ideally, your classes, their names, and descriptions should be on brand with your organization as a whole. 

For example, my mission statement is 'Different Drummer Dance offers classes for anybody who has a body. We teach pirouettes AND body positivity, and grace on the dance floor and in life. We believe in dance education from the inside out that empowers bodies, minds, and spirits.' I use that statement, along with my brand words (bright, fresh, big-hearted) to guide how I name and describe my classes.

Here's how I might name and describe a class: Magical Movers - this is a creative movement class for ages 3-4.5 and the perfect introduction to developing a lifelong love of dance! Using whimsical props and interactive songs, dancers explore the magic of movement in a nurturing atmosphere, where dancing with dragons and twirling with fairies builds motor and social skills, confidence, and a can-do attitude!


So how did I come up with all that copy? Well, before I crafted my mission statement (have I mentioned you should have one of these?), I did a brain dump of all the words that I knew my business was, and that I wanted it to be, as well as words that others had used to describe my business. From there, I added and subtracted and did a lot of editing before I came to what's now my mission statement, but I keep that list of words and phrases specifically for times like this when I need to name and describe a new class, or write copy about my classes, or even speak about my business. Having a list of words you can pull from that already jive with the energy and focus of your business will make it so much easier when it comes to things like naming your classes.

Now it's YOUR turn! Download your FREE copy of this worksheet that lays out all this info and gets you clear on the right words to use for naming and describing your classes below!

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