July Book Report - Animobiles

I'm feeling the heat now that it's mid-July, and I guess we're almost close to the dog days of summer?? (I don't know when that officially is, but we're gonna roll with it). 

So with animals on the mind, let's get down to this month's Book Report - Animobiles, by Maddie Frost! I found this book about a month ago and immediately knew it was something I needed for my young dance classes, because not only is it fun, bright, and catchy, it's full of animals making some awesome moves, and is a perfect book to introduce concepts like pathway, speed, and direction.

Simply written with charming illustrations, this book is best for young readers, but isn't short on themes and ideas to explore with students. From rumbling down the road like a cow car, to flying high like a bird in a plane, this book combines two of many kid's favorite things: animals and moving!

If you teach early childhood dance, I definitely recommend putting this book on your shelf! You can buy it here, and then make sure you check out my free download of my Creative Dance Curriculum for more ideas on how to incorporate story with movement. Happy Reading!

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