Body Positivity For Dancers - How To Respond To Food Judgements

Hey All! If you're one of the smart cookies who's subscribed to my Newsletter list, a few weeks ago you got an email in your inbox that had this fun little graphic, and a story about how as a young dancer, I very vividly remember what a chaperone told me about how good it was that I only ate salad during a summer intensive.

Remembering that is what inspired me to create this visual, in hopes that it might be of service to you if you have dancers heading off to summer programs. They'll be encountering lots of new situations, both in the dance classroom and outside of it, and it's likely that some of those situations might include judgements, shaming, or just general weirdness about food choices.

This list offers suggestions for how to navigate those situations, while remaining friendly, positive, and while standing in our own power about what choices are good for us.

I also talk more in depth about these in the video below.

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Let me know if you'll be sharing this list or this video with your students as they head off to their summer adventures, and happy dancing!