3 Lessons Learned From My Business's Trip Around The Sun

You know that moment when you're scrolling through your phone and you find a long lost photo and you do the math of how long it's been since that day, or when Facebook pops up with one of those 'One year ago today...' memories and your brain goes into a tailspin of contemplating the physics of time and how it can possibly go by so quickly?

Yeah, I had one of those moments earlier this month. As I was getting ready to get married, I realized that my soon-to-be hubby and I were getting married just a little over a year from when he proposed, which reminded me that I moved to upstate NY just a little after that, which meant that holy cow it's been an entire trip around the sun since I uprooted my whole life and business and moved it to a new place.

Mind. Blown. And I always feel like with anniversaries like these there's supposed to be some big revelation, some heavens parting, angels singing AHA moment.... Nope, didn't have one of those.

But what I have had are lots of little lessons about what exactly, I'm doing, both with my life, and with my purpose in life. 365 days is a short amount of time in the big picture of things, but also plenty of time to figure a few things out. Here are the top 3 things I've learned:

3 of my first students at my Speculator studio!

3 of my first students at my Speculator studio!

1. 365 Days = 365 Ways To Make Your Move

Being in a town of just over 300 will teach you real quick that word gets around fast, and while the days can become a blur of to-do lists, hopes, wins, and losses, every day is still a chance to make a new decision about what you want to do with yourself, your life, and your livelihood. One day might be about introducing yourself to 3 new people, while another day might just be about taking a nap so you can remember those 3 people's names the next time you see them. There's no move too small, no choice or decision too tiny.

2. Sometimes It's Just Hard

Self-help books and motivational posters on Pinterest will be full of rah-rah's for when the going gets tough. But sometimes, the simple truth is leading a creative life and/or running a creative business is just hard. There's no need to sugar coat the fact that some days you'll feel like quitting, and flopping down on your bed in a mess of tears. Accepting that it's hard is part of the job. Realizing that you can do hard things is the antidote.

3. Gratitude is EVERYTHING

So after you accept #2, getting real grateful is key. This may be the most important thing I learned all year. When everything was in a tangle and felt too big to handle, zooming out and focusing on how great it was to have a cup of coffee, or a roof over my head, or someone to give me a hug was what let me off of the struggle bus.

Which of these resonated with you? Let me know in the comments on on social media, and if you're out there just getting started, or still going after many years, here's to you!