Two Tricks For Turning Boring Tasks Into Gold

You know those tasks that sit on your to-do list, gathering dust and neglect time after time? Yeah, we all have them and most likely we all wish some fairy godmother would come and do them for us. It might be your banking or taxes, inputting data into your computer, writing thank you notes… the list goes on.

Today I’m sharing two tricks for turning those boring tasks you hate into pure gold. Because unless you can outsource those tasks, they’ll still need to get done, and as that famous quote goes, ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. So why not try something new this 2019 and get the results you really want!

turn boring tasks into gold
  1. Make a Ritual Around It

Rituals can be so helpful and powerful in setting us up for success and establishing new habits. Think about it- before performances we always have rehearsals to get ready, before center work we always do barre work. These are rituals, and they help get our minds, bodies and spirits aligned.

So if you absolutely cringe at the thought of paying your bills every month, turn it into a ritual you can enjoy. Light a candle, make your favorite snack, put on a favorite soundtrack, and get to it. You’ll experience less resistance if you surround yourself with things you love and start associating that task with other pleasurable things.

I used to hate anything to do with finances and checking my bank account, but I’ve now made a ritual around it; I get myself a cup of tea or coffee, light a candle, use my pretty pens and paper to take notes and put on some uplifting but relaxing music. I make it as easy as possible for myself to enjoy the process. I also use a lot of the next suggestion…

2. Try Using Mantras

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about mantras. And while you might still think of them as being ‘woo’, they can be super powerful in re-wiring our thinking and making those unpleasant tasks more enjoyable.

Maybe your resistance to responding to emails comes from feeling like you’re bad at technology. So if you reframe that belief, and tell yourself ‘learning technology comes easily to me’, you start breaking down that negative barrier your brain has put up and replacing that belief with a positive (and more effective) one.

Both of these tricks are all about making light of things that can feel heavy.

Will you be using either of these tactics this month? Let me know if you are, and make sure you check out the Different Drummer Dance online shop for more resources on organization and affirmations.