October Book Report - Monsters, Ghosts & Dragons!

I couldn’t choose just one book for October’s book report, so we’re going with a trinity of books covering Monsters, Ghosts and Dragons! All three of these books are great additions to your creative movement classes, fun inspiration for spooky themed Halloween choreography, or just to enjoy for a bedtime read.

First up is Monster Boogie by the incomparable Laurie Berkner. Many of you are probably familiar with Laurie Berkner’s songs, and We Are The Dinosaurs is a favorite song and dance game in my classes. Monster Boogie has the same fun and silly feel of We Are The Dinosaurs, and is great for exploring size and shape with dancers.

If you’ve got a fan of nursery rhymes, Mother Ghost by Rachel Kolar is going to be the book for you! It cleverly takes traditional nursery rhymes and gives them a Halloween flair. Instead of ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary”, we have “Mary, Mary, tall and scary’. Simple, silly, and good for readers who appreciate a good giggle, this is a wonderful option for October bedtime reads.

There’s a Dragon In Your Book by Tom Fletcher might just be the cutest book I’ve seen all year. With an adorable, clumsy baby dragon and interactive text, this book will have young readers engaged in no time. Tom Fletcher also has a book called There’s a Monster In Your Book, which is equally entertaining. Creative Movement dancers will have a blast flying like dragons, leaping over fire, and letting their beastly imaginations run wild.

Which of these will be on your bookshelf this month? Comment below and let me know!