New Year's Brain Dance!

Happy New Year all! I'm still reeling from the craziness of the holidays and getting over a little bug, so instead of scrambling to makeallthethingshappen for Jan 1, I'm letting my past hard work do some of the working and revisiting an oldie (but a goodie) of a Brain Dance from a few years back. It's a nod towards repurposing my content (which I'll be talking more about later this month!); if that sounds like something you're into, sign up here so you'll be the first to hear about it when that blog goes live. Word on the street is that when you sign up you'll get some awesome free goodies as well!

Until then, we dance! You can see all of my other Brain Dances here, and learn more about why I do these monthly and why I incorporate them into my teaching practice here. Happy dancing!