The Book Report - Pumpkin Soup

I'm super excited to have my first fall in upstate NY. The leaves are already changing and the air is crisp, and soon I'll get to eat one of my favorite flavors - pumpkin! This month's Book Report embraces all things fall, and is the perfect companion for kids who're back at school.

Helen Cooper's Pumpkin Soup is about three friends who always make their soup the same way; everyone has a role in making the perfect dish. But one day, Duck wants to try something different, and omgeee, heaven forbid that the friends stray from their usual routine! The friends will have to figure out a way to make things right if they're going to still have their friendship and pumpkin soup too!

The illustrations are rich and beautiful, and will make you feel like you've fallen into the colorful world of autumn, and the friendship woes that the characters have to overcome may resonate with kiddos who are fresh back at school, making new friends and forging new relationships. Plus, the imagery and concepts are great jumping off points in dance class to explore slicing, stirring, sprinkling and the like.

You can buy Pumpkin Soup here, and you can always holla at me to let me know how you enjoyed this month's read, or let me know what your favorite books for fall are! Happy Reading!

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