Totally Into - Dance Totems

This week marked an exciting start for me (I've been having so many of those lately! #rockstar), I began dance camps in my new studio space in Speculator, NY! I've been having tons of fun getting my new space in order, and one of the things I wanted to try was having a totem - an object or symbol that's used to pay heritage to family or beliefs. You may recognize them as a horseshoe, a cross, or a mezuzah; whatever purpose they serve for individuals, they have the wonderful effect of making us pause and bringing us into the moment and into focus. That was my idea for bringing a totem above the doorway where my dancers enter into the classroom. I wanted a way to remind them that we would be stepping into a special place, where there are a different set of rules and behaviors that we've all agreed upon. That way, when and if I need to use a gentle reminder of the rules of dance class, I can just point to, or mention our totem and it brings us all back into the zone, so to speak. Here's a little video I did, talking about it more and showing you what I mean. Let me know if you'll be trying this out!