An Open Letter To Dance Teachers Heading Into Fall


Hey you,

I see you. I know you’re there. Working hard, plugging along. Doing the good work. You love it, but it’s not always easy. I know. You’re heading into back to school and back to dance season; there’s a lot coming up and I know anticipating it is like watching a Tweet war unfold between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift – you love it, hate it, and can’t look away. So before you dive in, there are a few things I want to tell you:

This work is right for you. It’s meaningful, and you are the one that should be doing it. This work is a siren call from your soul. It’d be easier to walk away and find a 9-5, but you’d hate it. There’s all the time, space, money, and resources out there for you to do your dream.

There will be moments ahead when you feel stuck, backed into a corner, and basically, when you’ll be hating life. Those moments, that transition between ‘wtf is going on’ and ‘omg that was awesome’, that’s where the marrow lives. The good stuff that fills you up and sets you up for the next big thing. When you find yourself in those transitions, remember this:

You said yes to your dreams because you’re a badass. Because you’re brave, and because you knew that ignoring that siren call would mean a life less lived. Accept that your dreams are yours and see them in a new light. These goals and dreams, they’re not a burden, they’re a gift! This work may be hard at times, but you can do hard things. You always have and you always will.

Give doubt the boot and get to work. Offer the classes, book the space, write the ad, and make the phone call. Just like in ballet class, you start with the plies and make your way to grand allegro. Not in one fell swoop, but one step at a time.

Your life is a dance, and every step will teach you something. It’s all information to learn from. Reframe the setbacks and disappointments as learning opportunities. Apply and correct. Just like in ballet class. Then get up and go again.

Of all the people doing all the things, God/The Universe/whatever deity you subscribe to chose you to do this. That’s amazing! Say thank you. Every damn day.

Flavor comes with the simmer. Slow down and let things unfold.  The hardest part isn’t starting; it’s letting go of control once momentum can take over. Enjoy the ride. Remember you do this for love, passion, and because it’s fun!

Breathe, smile, and tell that damn mermaid that she can shut up because you’ve got this. Have a great year. Merde!