Different Drummer Dance Has a Studio!

You know those dreams that whisper in your ear? The crazy ones that you say 'pshhhh' to and don't speak out loud, like you'd be summoning Lord Voldemort if you actually put the words out into the Universe? The dreams that still come back to you in sparks and signs, in dreams and among good conversation? The ones that just won't leave you alone, no matter how hard you try? Those are the dreams I'm talking about today, because I just took a huge step towards making mine real. 

hooray you're here

I came back to Speculator after a month of doing summer dance camps in June in St. Helena, CA, with the goal of getting my own physical location to hold Different Drummer Dance classes in, up and running (I blame Jen Sincero and You Are A Badass At Making Money). I've been hemming and hawing over renting/owning/finding a physical location for years you guys. YEARS. I've worked for many organizations over the years, and rented spaces and done independent contracting, and knew, deep down, that I needed my own space to really flourish, and make DDD everything I want it to be, but had a litany of reasons why that just wouldn't work. But I finally got real with myself this month and started taking steps to making it happen. I walked to the realtors office in town and asked about a specific building I'd been interested in..... aaaaaand, it'd just been rented. But instead of taking this as a sign to back off, or getting discouraged, I thought about what else could work, and I knew right away, I already had a space available to me I could start using right away.

different drummer dance studio new york

My fiancé and I have been renting a house in town, which we have yet to move into, but this awesome house has several rooms, one of which is pretty perfect for a dance studio. Why the hell, I reasoned, would I pay to rent another space, when I had one already at my disposal? Guys, the room is even painted in one of my brand colors. If that's not the Universe yelling at me "GET ON IT, YO!" I don't know what is. Granted, the space isn't perfect - it's got carpet and I'd really prefer hardwood, but for little dancers and little feet, it's really ok for now, which brings me to my next point: those dreams, those little whispers that come to visit you in the middle of the night that you know will make your heart sing? Find a way to do them! Forget the reasons why they won't work and stop nitpicking over the details - those things are just distracting you and taking you further away from your goals. I know the goals are big and scary and freaky, but they keep whispering to you because you are the one that's meant to turn them into something great, and you have everything you need right now to take yourself one step closer to your dream.

I'd love to continue this conversation with you more, but first I want to show off my new space! Take the tour with me in my video, and then tell me what you think! And if you're in the Speculator/Lake Pleasant area, I'M OFFICIALLY OPEN! So, swing by and say hello! And classes are starting this week!!! :) I'd love to see you here!