REPLAY! 4 Props for Awesome Summer Dance Fun

Ok Friends. It's GO time. I'm in summer dance camp mode all the way, so I'm replaying this blog from last year because #1 - it's still relevant (an oldie, but a goodie), and #2 - I've got a lot to do!

Keep on scrolling for my top 4 summer dance props to ensure an epic summer, and then check out this BONUS of some fresh new videos I've made on tips, tricks, activities and games you can use to make it the best summer of dancing ever!

I start my first Summer Dance Camps this week, and I'm SO excited! I'm that nerd who totally geeked out on organizing her school supplies every year, so it's no surprise that I've been jamming away this past week getting all my supplies in a row. That's the inspiration for this week's post - 4 props that you can have on hand at home, or in your dance studio that can be used tons of different ways to encourage the kiddos to move, groove, shake, and bop it out. Click on the pics to purchase your own, and let me know how they work out for you!

1. Parachute

No surprises here. Kids are drawn to parachutes like moths to the flame. Like Baby to Johnny. Like President Trump to Twitter... But I digress. There are so many ways to have fun with a parachute besides just jumping around with it. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Guess the Shape/Body Part - one person goes under the parachute, makes a shape, or isolates a body part, and the others have to guess
  • Rhythm Master - find a song that has fast and slow beats, and try to pulse the parachute on time with the changing rhythms
  • Singing - pretty much all nursery rhymes can be sung with a parachute and you can come up with corresponding movements (skip to my lou, ants go marching), or let the kids come up with their own

2. Ball

Super basic, but not when it comes to use! Grab a few in different sizes, and try these out:

  • Bounce the Rhythm - similar to the parachute game above, choose some tunes and challenge students to bounce the ball to the rhythm of a song. This can be done solo, with a partner, or group
  • Hands Off - what if you used the ball with every body part other than your hands? Can you walk with it in between your knees, toes, elbows?
  • Hit a Move - write several different movements on pieces of paper and tape the to a wall, then let each kid throw the ball at the wall. Whatever movement the ball hits (or is close to), has to be performed by that person

3. Hoola Hoops

Aside from the most obvious way to use a hoola hoop, they are great tools for coordination and vestibular work.

  • Spins - practice spins and turns by holding the hoola hoop waist height and spinning in place, and through space
  • Through the Loop - have kids line up single file holding hands. See if they can pass the hoop from one person to another without letting go of hands
  • Skip It - you know you remember the original Skip Its, but try using a hoola hoop to hop on one foot, it's pretty challenging!

4. Tunes

Yes, I totally consider my tunes and speakers a prop and a tool! Nothing says 'dance party!' like a good playlist. Sometimes the best activities are ones that are child driven, where adults have little to no input about structure. Put on some jams and let the kids move it out however they want, it's a win win for you, and for them! If you need a little playlist inspo, check these out!

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