3 Easy Steps To Spring Clean Your Studio's Website

“I have so much free time I just don’t know what to do with myself!” Said no dance studio owner ever. Operating a dance studio is a more that full time job; there really is no down season, and the to-do lists can pile up faster than you can say “plie”.  It can be easy to fall behind, especially in today’s world, where in addition to having all your duckies in a row in the studio, business owners are expected to keep online content up to date, fresh, and engaging. If you’re nodding your head right now and saying ‘yaaaassss’ to your computer screen then keep reading, because in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’m sharing 3 easy tips that will have your website and online presence spruced up, perky, and ready for whatever comes your way this season.

1. Make It Someone Else's Job

Yep, you read that correctly. You’re a busy person, and you’ve got a lot to do. Getting a fresh set of eyes on your website is one of the easiest things you can do towards getting an unbiased opinion on what is working and what isn’t. Ask someone you trust and who is knowledgeable about your business to dedicate at least an hour to combing through your website, links, blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts and get them to make a list for you of what is clear, doesn’t make sense, is working, and what’s fun. Be clear that you’re not looking for judgment or even suggestions. You should ask someone that you’d feel comfortable getting this information back from. Once you have that list, go about checking things off it. Make sure links are correct and working. Delete text or information that’s not up to date or incorrect. 

2. Get Important Stuff 'Above the Fold'

You CAN get your site spiffy without going crazy!

You CAN get your site spiffy without going crazy!

After you’ve gotten rid of what’s no longer serving you, or correctly representing your business, you should be left with the important stuff. Your philosophy, your accomplishments, the things you’re proud of and want people to know about you. That’s the content that we want to feature ‘above the fold’. Or, in other words, the stuff that people don’t have to scroll down for or look too hard for. People often don’t scroll down on their computers or iPhones. Extra text gets lost and people won’t search for very long to find what they’re looking for. Get the most important info out there and at the top of your page. Test it yourself on your own computer and on your own phone. Remember, less is more. 

3. Is It Relevant, On Message, Helpful?

Now you should be left with only the most relevant, on point(e) (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and helpful content on your site. The key is to maintain that. Ask yourself these 3 questions before you include any info on your website or social media posts. All of the content you publish and put out into the world should point back to the things that make your business yours, and while that will vary for every business owner (maybe you’re highlighting the fact that you’re an RAD school, or perhaps you’re particularly proud of the fact that you have a community outreach program), all of your content should be relevant to your brand, consistent with the message you want to promote about your studio, and helpful to your clients. If you can put these things in to practice you’ll be golden!

So there you have it! Do you feel ready to sweep out the old and welcome in the new? Awesome! Let me know how these tactics work for you, I love connecting up on social media, and feel free to share these ideas with any other studio owners you think might benefit from a spring cleaning overhaul.