3 Egg-Celent Ways to Start an Easter Dance Party

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way! As we spring towards the holiday this weekend, I'm totally feeling all of the buds, blooms, and freshness of the season. There's a change in the air, can you feel it? Personally, I'm embarking on a pretty big adventure this week (more on that to come!), and there's something that feels so right about it being during this season. If you're anything like me and this time of year inspires you to do a little cleaning, organizing and redecorating, you may find yourself up to your elbows not only with bags to donate, but at a loss with what to do with all your cute Easter decorations (I blame you, Target dollar bin), but wondering what the heck to do with all the cuteness after the season passes. Fear not! I have 3 fresh ideas for you to reuse and recycle those Easter eggs that will have your kiddos bopping and hopping around in no time. (Maybe burning off some of that excess energy from all the chocolate?) Get your notepad and pencil out, and get ready to get inspired to get your dance party on all spring long!


1. Movement Eggs

Get yourself a handful of eggs and a sheet of paper. Write down different action move(ments) on a slip of paper and tuck them inside of the eggs. Here are some of my favs:

  • Hop
  • Spin
  • Skip
  • Roll
  • Tip Toe

Hide them around your yard (or inside if it's raining), count to 3 and let the Littles have at it! Once they find the egg they perform the movement around their space until they find a new egg. Later, rise, and repeat!


2. Fill With Rice/Beans

It is a truth universally acknowledged that given any kind of percussion instrument, kids will go nuts. Insane. So I only recommend this one if you're up for listening to that, or if you can remove yourself from the scene of the crime, but the kids will LOVE this one. Reuse your eggs and make them into shakers by filling them with rice or beans, or even beads. Put on some fun music (need suggestions? I've got just the playlist), and leave them to it. For older kids you can fill eggs with different things and have them try and listen for the difference in the sounds, and/or fill the eggs with different amounts of the rice/beans and ask them to listen for the difference (is one egg softer sounding, louder sounding?).

3. Red Light, Green Light Variation

Use up some of that leftover Easter grass by assigning slow, medium and fast movements to a color of grass (you could use red, yellow, and green, or just whatever color grass you have on hand. OR, use leftover candy, but follow the same theme; red jellybeans mean stop, green mean go, etc.). Let one kid pick a few eggs from a basket and reveal/call out what speed the others should move.


There you have it my friends! 3 new games that you can incorporate into your Easter/spring traditions that get everyone up and moving! If you've got a party coming up, these are also great icebreakers to get everyone giggling and comfortable. Will you be trying any of these out this weekend? Let me know how they go, and as always, Happy Dancing!