An Homage to Dr. Seuss:

Ok, so I'm a total nincompoop and missed Dr. Seuss's birthday last week! He's one of my heros, and I love not only his books but his philosophy on life (did you know that when he was having writers block he'd put on a silly hat?! Definitely my kind of guy). So, to make up for missing the celebration last week, I'm sharing a silly little ditty I've made up on a subject that's near and dear to my heart: ballet shoe elastics.

Raise your hand if you've ever spent the better part of a ballet class tying, and re-tying these damn strings. I see all the dance teachers out there raising hands in Hunger Games style support. I feel ya. I don't know why kids ballet shoes even have these drawstrings... they grow so fast that they're really not needed at this point, and you'd think by now we would have better options. Ballet shoe makers - hear my plea and stop making drawstrings on kids shoes! If i had a quarter for every time I had to tie those suckers, I'd be a rich, rich, lady... So, without further ado, a tribute to Dr. Seuss, to dance teachers everywhere, and most of all, to the sillies, giggles, and great books!

Miss Katrena, tie my shoe puh-leeeeeease!

Miss Katrena, tie my shoe puh-leeeeeease!

Shoe Strings

I am teacher

Teacher I am

That teacher I am

That teacher I am

But I do not like tying ballet shoes,

Gosh darn & damn

All class long!

Miss Katrena, will you?

Tuck in my strings, tie my shoe!

Will you tie them here,

And there?

At the barre, or with feet in the air?

I tie ballet shoes everywhere!

Please, I do not like tying ballet shoes,

So be aware!

Cut them, knot them, tuck them in tight

Better yet, pull them out, so they're not in my sight!

For I am teacher

Teacher I am

That teacher I am

And I do not like stopping class for demands!

My shoe is untied, I can't dance like this!

So fix it before class, and we could all just bypass

The rigamarole, the shoe shenanigans, and focus on dance!

Or else, give me a dollar for every time you ask

And then I'll be able to take my chance,

I'll wave goodbye and take myself to Palm Springs

Sit on the beach, where small humans can't come, and ask endlessly,

Teacher, tie my shoe, and tuck in those strings!

Child, I'll be long gone, just wait and see...

For I won't tie shoe strings all the live long day.

Because teacher I am and teacher I'll be

But much happier without your ballet shoe strings

Harassing me.