Feel the LOVE with this February Brain Dance

Can you believe it's already the second month of the year? Personally, there's something about January that just feels unreal; between coming off the high of the holidays, all that weird energy of setting goals/resolutions (and the expectations that go along with those), I tend to be much more of a Feb fan than Jan. I've settled into my groove and the world's energy seems to have returned to somewhat normal.

Additionally, with the inauguration last month, and subsequent events and unrest, I'm ready to shift my focus. February is all about love right? and that's something the world needs desperately these days. If you need a break from the political posts and negative news, check out my LOVE playlist on Spotify; it's super groovy and I promise will put you in an awesome headspace!

In fact, it's a great playlist to have on while you grab your Little and do this love themed Brain Dance that I've crafted especially for February. Do you know about the Brain Dance? It's only the most amazing tool a dance teacher/parent could ask for! You can get all the deets here, but the jist is that this specific set of exercises will help to reorganize the nervous system, promote healthy development of the sensory-motor system, and, well, it's just FUN! Check it, yo! 






Body Side

Cross Lateral


Will you be trying out this Brain Dance? Make sure to share and holla at your girl on my social media channels (or get more Brain Dance on my YouTube channel) and let me know how you like it! Happy Dancing!