Hip Hip Hooray! Different Drummer is Here!

YOU GUYS. It's happened! Different Drummer is here and alive on your computer screen! Ahhh! This has been a long time coming (like, 3-4 years coming), a dream in the making, and thanks to the help of my friends over at BrandCrush, I have a bright, fresh, and PRETTY new website! Now, my go-to as I was starting to write this post up was to take you on a tour of my fab new site, but I'm trying this thing of not falling into old habits; I have a fresh new website, so its content should be fresh too, right? (RIGHT.) So, I'll leave you good people to poke around all my beautiful pages like the website competent beauties you are, and instead of giving you a guided tour, try something fresh: get super honest and clear about what my goal is for this blog, and what you can expect from spending your valuable time here with me.

My face thinking about getting Different Drummer up and running in the days before the site went live!

My face thinking about getting Different Drummer up and running in the days before the site went live!


I'm on a mission to curate a life for myself that's authentic, creative, and supportive of my passions and goals. I think that's something we're all searching for. Whether you're a banker, a parent, or a fellow dance teacher, inspiration is one of those things that's abundant in the world, but somehow always seems to escape our grasp. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that it's out there, and it's much more tenable than we think. I hope to create those reminders for not only myself, but for you readers as well. This could be through a craft, through a Ballerina Birthday I'm planning, a conversation with another creative, or simply a walk through my neighborhood.


Guys, I have some opinions. And I'm gonna share them. I get feisty and passionate about dance, dance education, and its past, present, and future. I feel sharing these views is especially important right now, with the media's eye turned more towards dancers, and the dance world than it has been in a long while (thanks to phenomena like Dance Moms, Dancing With The Stars, etc.). And, since I work with youth, I'm constantly questioning my views, turning them over and sculpting them into ideas that feel honest, aware, and sharable with my students. I want this to be a place for that to happen; respectfully, honestly, and hopefully some of the time, with humor.


Speaking of humor...it's one of the things I love about teaching kids: they always remind me that life is FUN. Silly, musical, fall-down-laughing, fun. Adulting can get us all down, and the world can be tough, but I completely believe that we were created to be joyful, and to share our joy with each other. My students share it with me, and I hope I share it with them. I promise to have bright, fun, and big-hearted content that you can use in your daily life, be it a goofy dance exercise, rockin' playlist, or giggle-inducing new kid's book review. Let's get our fun on, and keep it on.


One of my favorite lines in my entire website is "These aren't your mother's dance classes". I'm committed to thinking outside the box, or outside the tutu, as the case may be, when it comes to movement education. I want to challenge stereotypes, norms, and accepted beliefs about what it means to be a dancer. I've spent so much time trying to fit a mold (and still find myself falling into this trap from time to time), but have come to realize that it's not worth the effort to fit into someone else's mold when I can just make my own.

What I live for - those fun, joyful faces totally jamming on being in and in charge of their bodies!

What I live for - those fun, joyful faces totally jamming on being in and in charge of their bodies!

So there you have it.

I'm giving myself a pat on the back for adding this first post to what I hope is a long list of inspirational, honest, fun, and innovative blogs, and am extending an invitation to you to come along on the journey with me. Let's ride off into the sunset with big dreams, full hearts, and some killer dance moves in our packs. You with me? Yes? YES.

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