4 Things Your Dance Teacher REALLY Wants For The Holidays

Photo by @sidetrax via Twenty20

Jingle bells are jingling, long shopping lines are forming, holiday cookies are a baking, and dance teachers everywhere are collectively freaking the heck out. With the holidays officially here, the dance world is in full swing of Nutcracker and holiday performance season. It's a magical, wonderful thing. It's also crazy stressful.

In the spirit of humor and a good giggle, I bring you this holiday gift guide. Here are 5 things your dance teacher really wants for the holidays. Don't worry, hardly any of these will cost you any dough and are pretty easy peasy for you to implement. Happy gift giving! :)

1. For Students To STOP Asking For Water Breaks

What are you, a camel? Do your teach a favor and hydrate before class and during designated break time. We want you to be healthy and drink your water, but not in the middle of plies. And again during tendus. Aaaaand yet again during rond de jambes.

2. For Parents To ACTUALLY Read E-mails

This one kind of says it all, and I'm sorrynotsorry to point it out. Dance teachers/studio owners are not only teachers, but administrators, and usually their own PR/Communications team. We would be a lot richer if we were paid every time someone asked us a question THAT WE ANSWERED IN THE EMAIL.

3. For Activewear Companies to Actually Use/Hire Professional Dancers

Soapbox warning: Kendall Jenner IS NOT A BALLET DANCER. Jockey and Under Armor have gotten it right by hiring Misty Copeland and Michaela DePrince (#thankyoujesus) but all dancers and dance teachers everywhere literally lose their shit every time we see a picture like this. Stop the madness and hire qualified professionals for this work!

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4. A Thank You Card

Yes, we do what we do because we love it and it's our passion, but a handwritten thank you note never gets old. We love hearing those two little words, especially at this time of the year. 

Will you be giving your dance teacher any of these gifts this year? Dance teachers, which of these would you like the most? Let me know!