How To Have Your Chillest Holiday Yet

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but the holidays are coming... The sentiment 'Winter Is Coming' from GOT could absolutely be applied to the holidays. Something big is coming. Undeniable, inevitable, potentially amazing, potentially awful. For dancers, teachers, and studio owners, the holidays take an extra special meaning since 'tis the season for Nutcrackers and holiday performances. Even if you opt out of the holiday shows, getting ready for a new year is daunting.

As I was pondering all this, I started to feel the overwhelm creep up my spine as I remembered holiday seasons past: frantically driving to and fro, doing last minute shopping and cooking, making myself cup after cup of coffee to stay caffeinated, unable to drink a single hot cup because I'm pulled in too many directions to stay put and enjoy it. Spending money I didn't have on wrapping paper and gifts, choreographing and tweaking plans late into the night, only to wake up in a panic 2 hours after I'd finally made it to bed. Instead of feeling happy watching family open their presents, or relief that my tasks are done, I'd be left feeling disappointed and more empty than a Target dollar bin on December 24.

Then I took a deep breath and came up with a new reality.

I'm wrapped up in a giant, fuzzy blanket and there's a steaming cup of coffee next to me in a Hagrid sized mug. There's twinkly lights winking conspiratorially at me both outside and inside and the heater in my house is purring away. In the other room I can hear my family and friends laughing, clinking glasses and munching on crunchy Chex mix. The holidays are here, and my stress is at an all time low. 

This year I'm committing to making my vision of a calm, cool and chillaxed holiday a reality, and I'd love it if you would join me.

I've created a new program I'm calling Chillvember; its a one-month long FREE program for dancers, dance teachers, studio owners, creatives, and small business owners. If you're tired of mindlessly stressing and spinning your wheels during an already hectic season, this program is for you.

Here's The Basics:

Every day during the month of November, you'll receive a different exercise. It could be as simple as making a list of things you're grateful for, or as fun as making some art work for yourself, or as thoughtful as calling an old friend.

The Chillvember exercises are designed to take you off the hamster wheel of work, stress, and grind, and bring you back to the core of you. The core that's light, loving, playful, creative, thoughtful, and grateful

Because those qualities are what the holidays are about, and I know that's the spirit we all need a little more of, during the holiday season and beyond.

Ready to have your chillest holiday yet?

If you've got more Q's you can get the A's here. Or, hit me up and let's chat about if this program is right for you! I hope to see you next month, ready to get focused, thoughtful, and light!